How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal?

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal?How to Register DSC on the Income Tax Portal? The “Register DSC” service enables registered users of the e-filing portal to perform several activities like register, re-register DSC, etc. Check further details below.

The Income Tax Department’s e-Filing portal allows taxpayers to register and use a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for secure authentication and digital signing of tax-related documents and filings.

The “Register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)” service is an essential feature for individuals and entities who require a higher level of security and legal validity for their tax-related transactions.

Register DSC: Overview

The “Register DSC” service enables registered users of the e-Filing portal to perform the following activities:

  • Register a new DSC
  • Re-register an expired DSC
  • Re-register a DSC that has not expired
  • Register a DSC for the Principal Contact (in case of non-individual taxpayers)

It’s important to note that all users who wish to use a DSC on the new e-Filing portal are required to re-register their DSC, as DSCs registered on the previous portal will not be migrated due to security and technical reasons.

Details and Documents Required to Register for DSC

Before proceeding with the DSC registration process, ensure that you have met the following prerequisites:

  • You are a registered user of the e-Filing portal with a valid user ID and password.
  • You have downloaded and installed the emsigner utility on your computer. If not, you can download and install it during the registration process.
  • The USB token containing your DSC, procured from a Certifying Authority Provider, is physically connected to your computer.
  • Your DSC USB token is a Class 2 or Class 3 Certificate, as per the requirements of the Income Tax Department.
  • The DSC you wish to register is active, valid, and has not expired or been revoked by the Certifying Authority.

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal: Step-by-Step Process

The complete process to register for DSC on the Income Tax Portal is provided below:

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password.

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal?

Step 2: Navigate to the “My Profile” section from your Dashboard.

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal?

Step 3: On the left side of the screen, click on the “Register DSC” option.

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal?

Step 4: Enter the email ID that is linked with your DSC token. Select the checkbox confirming that you have downloaded and installed the emsigner utility, and click “Continue.”

Step 4

Note: If you need to download the emsigner utility, you can click on the hyperlink provided under the “Need Help” section.

Step 5: From the drop-down menus, select your “Provider” (the Certifying Authority that issued your DSC) and the specific “Certificate” you wish to register. Enter your “Provider Password” (the password associated with your DSC) and click “Sign.”

Step 5

Upon successful validation, a success message will be displayed, along with the option to navigate to your Dashboard.

Step 7

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Other Scenarios of Registering DSC

Scenario Action
Re-register an expired DSC After Step 3, if your previously registered DSC has expired, a message will be displayed: “Your Registered DSC has already expired. Please re-register a valid DSC.” Follow the same process to re-register a new DSC.
Re-register a non-expired DSC After Step 3, if you have an existing registered DSC that has not expired, a message will be displayed: “You have already registered DSC. You can view details of your registered DSC, or update by re-registering.” Click “View” to see the details or “Update” to re-register by following Steps 4 and 5.
Register DSC of Principal Contact After Step 3, if you are a non-individual taxpayer registering a DSC for the Principal Contact, enter the email ID of the Principal Contact registered on the e-Filing portal, and proceed with Steps 4 and 5.

Additional Information

  • The emsigner utility is a software tool provided by the Income Tax Department to facilitate the registration and use of DSCs on the e-Filing portal.
  • Certifying Authorities are entities authorized by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) to issue DSCs in India. Some popular Certifying Authorities include eMudhra, NIC, IDRBT, and NSDL.
  • Class 2 and Class 3 DSCs are considered secure and legally valid for online transactions, with Class 3 being the highest level of security and trust.
  • It’s crucial to keep your DSC and its associated credentials (such as the Provider Password) secure and confidential to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.


By registering your Digital Signature Certificate on the e-Filing portal, you can securely authenticate your identity and digitally sign various tax-related documents and filings, ensuring legal validity and non-repudiation.

It is essential to follow the prescribed process and meet the necessary prerequisites to ensure a smooth and hassle-free DSC registration experience.

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